Purchase Options

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Option A:

Complete Cash Purchase.


Option B:

Sixty (60) Months Rental option - (Includes 12 month free maintenance).
Finance is arranged through a financial institution.
The Client however has to give 3 months written notice on month 57 to the financial institution to terminate the agreement.
One additional months rental is payable after the 3 month notice period to ensure ownership.


Option C:

Minimum of Thirty six (36) Months Samtoria Rental option.
No maintenance or call out fees for the whole period.
Upgrade at any time during the 36 month period. Samtoria will only adjust the monthly premium (No penalty fees!).
The Samtoria rental option is a full Maintenance Rental agreement. The monthly payments can be claimed from taxes as it is an Operating expense.
Call out fees will only be charged if additional work is done (work that was not part of the original installation such as Moving of extensions, additional cabling ect.).
We do not use other institutions for financing.