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The Samtoria Difference

At Samtoria, only excellence is good enough. We achieve this by combining extensive knowledge and experience in the PABX Industry with a qualified and professional technical and administrative support team.

A good example of the Samsung Difference is our unique 36month rental option. This option allows our clients to rent a PABX System from Samtoria for a period of 36 months. During this time, all Call Out Fees and Maintenance are free, and you are welcome to upgrade at any time, should the needs of your company change.


The Product

We are a registered Gold dealer of SAMSUNG, meaning that we are licensed to supply, install and maintain the world class SAMSUNG PABX SYSTEMS:

  • Office Serv 7030
  • Office Serv 7070
  • Office Serv 7100
  • Office Serv 7200
  • Office Serv 7400


The Service

Our technical staff are properly trained and licensed to install and maintain both Samsung and Karel PABX systems as well as other products such as MAN 3000 Management system. Their combined experience amounts to over 40 years. Samtoria furthermore supports all the older equipment in the field previously installed. Currently Samtoria has well over the 400 rental clients and approximately another 600 clients of which we maintain their systems.


The Extended Service

Samtoria will also liaise with Telkom on behalf of the client to enhance customer savings with products such as ISDN 2 (BRI), ISDN 3 (PRI), Hunting facilities, supreme call solutions, Smart Access numbers, DSL and internet connections via Telkom


Scope of Work

SAMTORIA and its strategic partners have vast experience in the IT/Telecoms industry and as a telecommunication solutions provider, offers value added services in the following areas:

  1. PBX Systems & Maintenance
  2. Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  3. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
  4. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT)
  5. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  6. Mobile Extensions
  7. Structured Cabling and Infrastructure
  8. Telephone Management Systems
  9. Call Centres
  10. Voice Logging
  11. Video Conferencing Systems
  12. Audio Conferencing Systems